Hans, Marié, Yvan &
Mariaan de Klerk

DE KLERK SAFARIS is owned and operated by Hans and Marié de Klerk. Hans grew up on the family ranches in the Kalahari Desert and started hunting at a very young age. After completing a degree in Business Economics and 2 years of military service he started working in Botswana as a professional hunter. There he gained extensive experience on hunting dangerous game. In 1990 he started his own safari company and in 1992 he married Marié.

Marié also grew up on a ranch and after school went to university where she studied a bachelor’s degree in teaching. Marié’s contribution to the success of DEKLERK SAFARIS is fundamental.

With her warm friendly personality and world famous meals everybody will feel at home.

Hans and Marié have two children who are also helping with the family business.