Clients have to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa. From the USA there are daily flights from Atlanta, Washington DC and New York. From Europe there are also daily flights from most of the major cities. From Johannesburg you have the option to either taking an air charter or transportation by road to the ranch. DE KLERK SAFARIS is about a 7 hours drive by road and one and half hour by small charter plane from Johannesburg. DE KLERK SAFARIS have airstrips available at both lodges. The airstrips are 5 minutes drive from each lodge. Visitors from America, Canada, Argentina and most European countries do not need a visa. Just a passport is needed, but make sure you have at least 2 blank pages in your passport and it must be valid for a period of 6 more months after your safari.

Hunting Season

DE KLERK SAFARIS operate safaris all year round with peak times between March and October (fall to spring). Weather during these times is comfortable with little or no rain. Temperatures range from 60 to 85F (15 to 30 Celsius) during the day and 32 to 60 F (0 to 15 Celsius) at night.


Recommended caliber for dangerous game is 375 or bigger and for plains game any caliber in the 30-06, 300, 338 class will work just fine. Recommended bullets to use is Barnes Triple Shock. Trophy Bonded, Swift A-Frame, Winchester Failsafe or Nosler Partition.

Shooting distance on dangerous game is usually around 50 yards and on plains game around 200 yards.

A temporary firearm import permit will be needed to bring in your own firearms. This can be done on arrival at the airport in Johannesburg of Cape Town provided you have the right documentation.

Documentation needed is the following:

  1. A South African Police Form SAP520- Application for import permit.
  2. Proof of ownership – License or US Customs form 4457.
  3. Letter of invitation from your safari outfitter

DE KLERK SAFARIS can offer their services to apply for a preapproved import permit to clients who wish to make use of it. The cost of the service is $100 per client. This will allow clients the advantage of pre-approved permits so no forms to fill in and no waiting in line at the airport when you arrive. This service is only available at the O.R.Tambo airport in Johannesburg and if DE KLERK SAFARIS is doing the transfer from Johannesburg to the ranch. The reason for this is that one of DE KLERK SAFARIS representatives must be present in Johannesburg to handle the paperwork. For clients who wish to do the paperwork themselves all necessary information can be obtained from the following websites:

  • go to "Legislation" - “Firearms and Import Permits” or
  • go to “Firearms” then click on “Importation of firearms into SA”.

Firearms can also be rented from DE KLERK SAFARIS at $40 per day excluding ammunition. Ammunition for calibers smaller than 375 cost about $5 per bullet. For calibers 375 and bigger the cost of ammunition is $10 per bullet. DE KLERK SAFARIS also have a Heym 470 double rifle for rent at $60 per day and ammunition for it at $20 per bullet.

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Clothing & Equipment

Laundry is done on a daily basis so there is no need to pack a lot of clothes. It is advisable to bring darker colors like dark green, brown, olive, dark khaki or grey. Camouflage is allowed in S.A.

Do not bring light khaki or white for hunting. Animals can see movement of a light colored object easily in the bush.

The following packing list is just a guideline and can be adjusted to your personal needs:

  • Warm jacket, gloves, beanie or balaclava (for our cold winter mornings);
  • Worn-in hunting boots;
  • Comfortable shoes to wear at the lodge;
  • 3 sets of hunting clothes;
  • 1 set of casual clothes to wear at the lodge;
  • Hunting hat, sun block, lip balm and sunglasses;
  • Small backpack – to keep all your hunting gear together on the vehicle;
  • Soft rifle bags, rifles, cleaning kit, ammunition (60 to 80 rounds per firearm);
  • Ammo pouch, belt, knife;
  • Binoculars, camera, batteries, chargers, power converter (from 220V to 110V);
  • Flashlight, batteries, cellphone, laptop, usb flash drive, etc.
  • Personal medication and toiletries;
  • Passport, airline tickets and documentation for firearms;
  • Something for the staff – old clothes, shoes, socks, knives, flashlights, batteries, etc.

Health & Safety

DE KLERK SAFARIS’ two lodges are located in a completely malaria free area.

Good doctors and well developed private medical facilities are readily available: DE KLERK SAFARIS have airstrips at both lodges in case of any emergency.

Snakes and snakebites should not be a problem in South Africa between April and August because it is our winter months and all snakes go in hibernation and they are rarely seen. All hunting vehicles are equipped with a medical first aid kit should any emergency situation develop.

Your safety is very important to us. All the ranches belonging to DE KLERK SAFARIS are located in a very safe area. We do not even lock our lodges, houses of vehicles at night.

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